Hyundai's range of SUVs are built for durability, performance and comfort.


Introducing Electrified: a future where our Electric and Fuel Cell vehicles all contribute to a cleaner tomorrow.


Perfect for urban explorers, every small car in our range is fun, zippy and full of personality.


High-performance sports vehicles engineered to deliver maximum driving pleasure.


Hyundai mid-size cars provide the ultimate driving experience, whether you’re city-bound or cruising the countryside.

People Movers and Commercial

From the 8-seat STARIA to ferry the kids around in, to the Staria-Load to carry a pallet’s worth of cargo, our range is ready to tackle all your big, little and in-between jobs.


From the 8-seat STARIA to ferry the kids around in, to the Staria-Load to carry a pallet’s worth of cargo, our range is ready to tackle all your big, little and in-between jobs.

Shellharbour City Hyundai Hyundai Carplan™

Hyundai CarPlan™ has been developed by Hyundai Finance™ to provide flexibility, letting you enjoy the new Hyundai experience again and again. At the end of your finance contract, you can choose to pay any amounts owing on the contract to keep your Hyundai, return your vehicle to us and use the Guaranteed Future Value [H1] to meet any amount owing under the finance contract, or trade it in at your preferred Hyundai dealer and continue your journey with us.

It’s a smart and flexible way to have the vehicle that’s perfect for you, even as your lifestyle changes. Life’s full of surprises and while you won’t always know what’s around the corner, with Hyundai CarPlan™ you’ll always have the right car for the journey there.

Trade it, retain it or return it. The choice is yours.

How does Hyundai CarPlan work?

Hyundai Finance

Choose the car you want.

Visit a participating Hyundai Dealer and select an eligible new or demonstrator Hyundai[H2] that best suits your lifestyle.

Hyundai Finance

Define your contract.

Choose the deposit you wish to pay, the length of the loan term and the kilometres you will travel each year.[H3]

Hyundai Finance

At the end.

Decide what you want to do with the vehicle at the end of the finance period.[H5]

Hyundai Finance

Calculate your Hyundai CarPlan™ repayments.

Hyundai CarPlan™ provides flexibility at the end of your finance period, to keep, return or trade-in your Hyundai.

When your contract ends.

It's all about choice. We know that everyone’s lifestyle and situation is different, so we give you three different options to choose from when your contract comes to an end: pay off the balance of your loan contract and keep your Hyundai, trade it in or return it to us and use the Guaranteed Future Value.[H1]

It all depends where you are at that point in your life. Sport, kids, dogs, weekends away, work. Choose what’s right for you and your life. Go bigger, go smaller, stay the same. Get the Hyundai that’s right for you.

Hyundai Finance

Trade it.

Trade in your Hyundai at your preferred Hyundai dealer giving you the chance to step into the latest Hyundai model and continue your journey with us.

Hyundai Finance

Retain it.

Keep your Hyundai by paying any amounts owing on your finance contract or apply through Hyundai Finance™ to refinance the amount owing.[H2]

Hyundai Finance

Return it.

Return your Hyundai to us knowing that the Guaranteed Future Value will be sufficient to repay the amount owing under your finance contract.[H1]

How is Hyundai CarPlan™ different from a typical finance contract?

Hyundai Finance

Greater confidence.

Hyundai CarPlan™ will ensure the the amount you receive when you return your Hyundai is enough to pay the amount owing at the end of your contract term, even if the value of the car is less than the amount owing.[H1]

Hyundai Finance

A personally tailored solution.

You choose the term for your finance contract, the deposit you would like to pay (if any) and the kilometres you intend to travel.[H3]

Hyundai Finance

Greater flexibility.

At the end of the finance contract term, you’ll have the choice to keep your Hyundai, trade it in or return it to us.

Hyundai Finance

More options.

You have the option to include things like Pre-Paid Service Plan,[H6] and accessory costs as part of your finance contract.[H1]

Hyundai Finance

Maintaining your vehicle.

To ensure you enjoy the full benefits of the Hyundai CarPlan™, your Hyundai must be in an acceptable condition when you return or trade it in[H2] and must not exceed the kilometre limit you have selected. Of course, we also understand that some reasonable wear and tear is to be expected, but the condition of your vehicle needs to remain within the provisions of your Hyundai CarPlan™ contract and Fair Wear & Tear Guidelines.

Where the vehicle is not in acceptable condition or where you have exceeded your kilometre limit, the Guaranteed Future Value of your vehicle will be reduced.

Common questions.

To help get you started, we've outlined the answers to key questions when applying for finance.